"Our first experience couldn't have gone better. Sarah was extremely thoughtful and helpful and was able to photograph our 200 children with the majority smiling and happy." 

Director: Bright Horizons @ LongAcres


"So nice to get both kids in one photo and both smiling!  Thanks!" 

Parent: Bright Horizons @ Spring St.


"The photographer that comes to our school has amazing energy for the kids and really captures them in their element!" 

Parent: Our Innspiration II


"Very professional and great to work with. Awesome with the children" 

Assistant Director: Bright Horizons @ Spring St.


"They were perfect!  The free gift was so cute!" 

Parent: Our Innspiration II


"I love that you are able to combine pictures in a package and that the packages are reasonably priced. Extra photos are reasonable as well." 

Parent: Bright Horizons @ LongAcres


"They were great photos... we couldn't pass them up :)" 

Parent: Our Innspiration II


"The magnet is a great gift as well as functional in our own home!" 

Parent: Our Innspiration II


"I just wanted to thank you.  The pictures are absolutely adorable & make me so happy!  You did such a great job capturing them :)  I still don't know how you got my kids to sit together... that never happens!"

Parent: Bright Horizons @ LongAcres


"We have been getting “school” photos for years at our old place.. they were never as good as yours! You guys do an amazing job!"

Parent: Bright Horizons @ Spring St.


"I've bought pictures from you for several years from a few schools. My youngest will start K next year - so this may be our last purchase from you. We've always been very happy with your images. Thank you!"

Parent: Suginoko Preschool