A little bit about R&S:

   I began photographing preschools in the Seattle area back in 2008 & quickly found that spending my days making kids laugh was good for my soul. They have a perspective on life that allows them to experience & enjoy this world without any hesitation. For me, that feeling comes when I get behind the camera. It has changed my world in so many ways & I’ve found that the more I chase beauty, the more I begin to notice it everywhere.

   I’ve been blessed for 10 years now to call my husband Ron the love of my life, my partner, best friend & quite often, my second-shooter. Without him by my side, there would be no R&S and I would have never met the second love of my life, our son Zack. That little boy has been a life changer in every way possible. Now more than ever I realize the importance of catching all these little moments as they slip by us so fast... there's nothing like looking @ an old photo & feeling the wave of emotions you had in that moment come back to you! 

   My hope with R&S is to catch as many moments as possible while supporting local schools & small businesses in my community.  I also hope that my art gives the viewer a chance to see this amazing world around us a little differently & becomes a path for them to help support their community as well.